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WHAT IS A 360 PHOTO BOOTH? A Few FAQs Answered! Everything you need to know!

Maybe you've heard about it or maybe you've seen the 360 videos on social media but what exactly is a 360 Photo Booth? What makes them so much fun? Why do guests get excited when they see them at events? We'll be answering those questions and more so keep reading!


What is a 360 Photo Booth?

A 360 Photo booth is a photo booth that records video by spinning 360 degrees around the guests standing on the platform.

How is a 360 photo booth different from a traditional photo booth?

The 360 Photo booth is one of the latest and hottest entertainment trends in the event industry. Unlike traditional photo booths, guests stands on the platform while the camera spins and captures a slow motion video with the boomerang effect from all angles. Guests find the 360 Photo booth more exciting than the traditional photo booths.

How does it work?

The 360 Photo booth is equipped with an arm that spins around the guests, holding the camera as it captures video. Guests are then able to immediately download that video to their cell phones or mobile devices.

Why should I rent a 360 Photo Booth?

Other that the fact that the 360 Photo Booth is so much fun, it is a guaranteed way to keep your guests entertained! Guests will line up for their chance to be center of attention and capture amazing video in 360 degrees.

How many people can hold on your Photo Booth?

Our XL 360 Photo Booth holds 3-4 adults comfortably.

What does the venue need to provide?

Our needs are very simple! We need a standard 15 amp electrical outlet within 15 feet of our setup location. Wireless internet is also very important as it will allow for faster photo sharing if our mobile internet hotspot is unable establish a strong connection.

How early will you arrive?

Our arrival time will be 60-90 minutes before scheduled start time.

How much space do you need?

At 360 & Beyond, the safety of your guests is our number on priority. In order to safely operate the 360 Photo booth, we need a space of 10X10. Guests will also need to gather to download their videos in front of the sharing station.


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